Elections monitoring app

iOS app development case study

The challenge

Electoral process watchers in Romania are still using pens on paper to take notes of voting irregularities. Code for Romania thought about changing that and use 2017 available technology. The idea was to make an app to monitor the process and provide a status for the elections in real time. The problem was that we only had one month.

The solution

Code for Romania needed an iOS app that is reliable, works offline and provides all the necessary tools for observers to make their job easier. The information was sent in realtime or, in case of internet connection problems, was eventually sent to a server that displayed any election problems in realtime.

We mobilized an iOS team to volunteer full-time to work on the app and make sure we have realtime data from observers that use iOS too. It was a great chance to reconnect with our mission of using our software knowledge to make the world a better place.

User feedback

The solution we came up with in just one month was not perfect, but the feedback we got from the observers was great. Here is one opinion:

The electoral process monitoring app is the greatest ever! I think it’s great that I’m in my bed now and I don’t need to fill in or correct the observation forms. Special thanks to everyone that built it.

We’ll make our best efforts to help our Code for Romania friends in any way we can. We always want to contribute in making the world more fair and better overall.

What have we learned

  1. To overcome coding differences with Code for Romania team members. We handled different programming habbits and practices very well and got the project done.
  2. We bring the best results when we take ownership of the success the product is going to have.
  3. The feelings we get when we contribute with our talents to change the world or make an impact are something unique.

Thank you Code for Romania!

We understand that we were just part of a bigger team that aligned with our mission and values. Without Code for Romania designers and back-end developers we would not have been able to contribute on this solution in this short period of time.

Make a donation to support them, become a volunteer or become a partner like we did.

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